Elite athletes across the United States will be filtered every month for a place on the Team Promotion roster. Athletes are rewarded with their very own clothing and gear sent straight from Promotion Athletics Headquarters. To apply for Team Promotion, the athlete must pass each stage in the drafting process.


We will supply our athletes with our signature clothing and gear. All athletes will also be expected to perform at a very high level of execution in their respected sports. No spot is secure on Team Promotion, any athlete can be kicked off at any moment.


To apply, email us at promotionathletics.us@gmail.com or dm us on instagram @promotionathletics.us.

Our scouts will carefully view your listed accomplishments to compare against our existing athletes or the other applicants. If two athletes are both equal in their chances for the last spot, an interview will be held.


Athletes will be competing for a spot on a regional Team Promotion team. The regions are: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Each drafted athlete will be put in the region nearest to them. These few chosen athletes will likely be at the top of the nation in their sport. They will represent the brand. Here at Promotion Athletics, we are building an army of young athletes in the U.S., promoting them to achieve worldwide recognition.


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